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Friday, 21 October 2011

Striking blackout

Tourists, friends of ours keep on asking: How is Greece doing? 

It does not take too much wisdom to state that Greece is not doing well. 

Watching TV is a pure depression. Watching the situation in the streets is sad as well. 70.000 people gathered in Athens, on the Sintagma square two days ago. Yesterday, the same demonstrating crowd in the centre of capital, leaving not a single piece of marble for the next generations!  Strikes all over the country.  Things are developing in such disappointing direction that even a private zone decided to rise up!

The problem is that strikes will not bring back the status quo of all good days. I do not really believe and anybody who is logically thinking will dare to believe, that one more strike, one more demonstration will manage to force the government to bend over and give people what they are asking for. 

You ask me and the rest of “head on neck” people…Greece needs to change a lot. Change of mentality is the key to some positive changes. Common sense has to finally be hosted. Employees, their skills, their pay checks, their purchases – it all has to be linked. People with privileges, fat salaries cannot be protected under all circumstances. There has to be somebody responsible for any mistakes made (see Greek politicians, high rank authorities).  

How is it possible in the DEMOCRATIC country of 21st century that you declare 4.000 euro and at the same time there is 18.000 000 euro in your bank account??? (it is not a joke – these are real numbers referring to those who skip “some” tax payments). How can there be a number of dead people who continue to receive their pensions? How is it possible that it has taken for me one year to submit documents for Greek citizenship with no end to the procedures: when Mayors office made a mistake that cost me 150 euro, I had to visit police station and IKA (social insurance) a few times too often, my lawyer had to take over the case and there is still no news on the horizon. I bet that it makes you tired just reading it! 

You cannot live the life of king if you weren’t born to be one!

Smart, well-educated, willing to commit (less words more actions!) people cannot be constantly underpaid, asked to prove themselves or be rejected by the system because they were not lucky enough to have a proper connection so called – koubaro or meson! 

It is just not logical to work 5 hours a day, hold a privilege of a steady job, use a keyboard with ONE finger and earn the money that a person in private sector, speaking fluently foreign languages, holding university diplomas, working 10 hours a day can earn after a few years of hard work!

Whether somebody likes it or not, the surrealism of Greek reality has no longer future. You cannot explain it for the rest of your life with a smirk on your face: What do you expect, we live in Greece! When things do not work, you do not smile because usually money does not get into your pocket. Greeks manage to turn it opposite but as each utopia, it had to collapse.

The good news is…when everybody is on strike, you can always grab a nice fresh souvlaki!

Each crisis had its own winners;)

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