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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Run Chania, Run

Yes, you can!

That’s the attitude that to my surprise 600 people showed during today’s 4 km run in Chania. I would never guess that so many people in this town have athletic shoes to be used for something more than a lazy walk around coffee bars of Chania harbor. I was impressed and proud of MY community that things are changing here too. That’s a happy change!

Families, friends, elder mums and paps, even dogs with their active owners moving along the Venetian harbor, stepping on the wet from sea waves cobbled stones fought their way through the Dikastiria Square up to Agora – Municipal Market. 

So much fun, people literally looked happy and satisfied. 

I wish such initiatives take place more often. That shows that even in deep crisis of national spirits and rather disappointing views for the future, it is worth trying to transform small parts of every day routine and habits. And it does not always take a lot of money. Willingness and pure enthusiasm is the key to create and learn new things. 

That’s what I tried to pass later on to two girls who happened to appear on my way looking for the lift to Chania. Students at the local University got late for the bus which due to the slow schedule on Sundays, it would reappear again after two hours! I could not resist asking them if the University strike is over? I couldn’t also resist telling them that they should not allow others to manipulate them. I do not agree to brainwash young people, sustain strike and at the same time without fulfilling their duties, teachers get paid. Girls looked a bit surprised and I bet they will spread the word about the crazy blonde driving Hyundai! They dared to mention something about the responsibilities of government and local authorities. However, I disagreed again. You cannot wait for the country to solve all your problems, I told them. In my opinion, Universities should create a system that in some way would be able to support financially needs of their students and their teachers as well as contribute to the communities that exist around them. Unfortunately, I do not think they understood that at the end of a day, they are the ones who lose: both time and money. In order to avoid any delays, strikes and pricy inefficiencies of the system, the rest will go abroad to get their diplomas, as the half of Greek government did!  

I bet at the end of our trip, they regretted entering my vehicle. I bet they just wanted to go for a coffee and did not need anybody to preach them on the relaxing Sunday afternoon. 

Thinking and turning it into action is a very tiring thing, but I believe it is more interesting than passively waiting for the others to provide. 

I guess I will never accept advice that some people tend to give me: “Don’t waste your saliva and time”! Not my style, I would say.I am the opinionated one.

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