A life experience of a Polish girl on the Greek island of Crete.

Polka pisze wiec po polsku tez bedzie…

About Me

Kalimera or Kalispera to everybody!
This is me, a Warsaw girl who became the islander when six years ago I left the big city, got married to the Greek-American both crazy athlete and talented photographer (http://www.amphotography.gr/)
and settled down on Crete.
This blog is about my life in Chania, about my experiences of living in between two cultures: Greek and Polish. ..or shall I better call it among four cultures?: Greek, Cretan, Polish and American. Yeah, what a cultural variety!
I want to share with you my everyday life on Crete and the stories from my journeys on and off the island.
Greek: language, customs, superstitions, mentality, tastes and flavors that I developed through my Greek-American family are the core of this blog.
I am a big fan of Greek and Cretan cuisine, although sometimes there is just too much meat for me!...and remember, you will never cook better than your Greek mother-in-law,ups!
I love jewellery, especially the hand-made, the best of all ear-rings! And as my mother-in-law says “ It is always a good investment”!
I hope this blog will show you Crete and Greece that no TV commercials, magazine ads and two-week all-inclusive holidays can show you.