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Monday, 18 April 2011

When the Greek reality hits you!

It is the beginning of the Holy week but to be honest with you, right now the only word that I can combine with a word “Holy” has a rather dirty connotation.  

I swear, I try to stay optimistic, but... let the sun shine on the Greek sky, because otherwise what else?

With the whole crisis and the sad truth about the system dysfunctions on each level, Greece will not only need a significant bunch of loans, but some biblical miracles! 

A while ago I wrote a post “Adventures of Tsiknopempti” where I described some issues concerning my residence permit. Some people concluded that I will not need a lawyer since an individual can be more efficient. Some experienced ones wished me good luck and IPOMONI (υπομονή/patience).

Without any hesitation, today I can inform you, that neither did I manage on my own, nor  did I happen to be the lucky one! As about the patience factor, I lost it in progress!

A few days ago, a friend of mine (familiar with the story of my permit) gave me a ring and told me that permits from the previous year have just been issued and that my almost a six-month journey to the renewal of my permit is coming to an end. Little did we know, both of us!

I called the office that previously issued my permit and happily asked when I could arrive to collect my card. 

“What card???” – the lady on the other side responded. “We are no longer responsible for the permits. You should go to the police station”. 

Police station??? What does police have to do with my permit since all the papers plus a 150 euro penalty fee were submitted in the Mayor’s office???

No time for arguing though. I gather all the photocopies and obediently appeared at the police station…and then the circus started! 

The conclusion of this fruitless appointment almost knocked me down. As I was told…I didn’t need to apply at the Mayor’s office, I didn’t need to pay a 150 euro fee, it was all my mistake that I submitted my application in the wrong institution! Was it?

What can be done??? No one can help that my permit expired a year ago and that till now I didn’t apply at the police station. They can issue a new permit but it will show a gap in my residence in Greece…so looking at the things from today’s perspective, I will need to wait for another 5 years to apply for a Greek citizenship.

Call me crazy, call me insane, but I’m a rather pretty well-organized and down-to-earth person who in most cases can cope on her own. 

Not in this case!!! Who is right, who is providing me with the incorrect information, what law has to say???

Greek institutions have this rare ability to make you feel like a complete retard!

I know one thing…I need a lawyer right now!

Beyond that, following Socrates smart thoughts: “I know that I know nothing!!!”


  1. WTF!!
    Wait ANOTHER 5yrs?!?! What the heck!!
    That is so unfair. Now you have to shell out €€ to have a lawyer too.

    I wish you all the best, and also the strength to get you through this madness!!

  2. Thanx dear! Crazy, isn't it? The whole story is so messy that I feel like a complete dumb....and if you didn't know...it's all my fault? No one else is responsible...