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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Our America…Photo shoot with Julia

It is a one of a kind experience to watch him developing as an artist, executing his ideas and interacting with people that he photographs. 

Andreas Markakis is my lifetime partner, but first of all he is the most honest person I have ever met in my entire life and a very talented photographer (to check yourself click here). 

Photography was always one of his biggest passions vel obsessions, together with sports and his unconditional love for his country, Greece. 

Andreas is Greek but America is his second home. This is where he was born and where he lived during different periods of his life. 

He loves his Greece, its sun and the atmosphere of the Greek islands but New York and California deeply marked his personality making him think the way he does today – beyond the borders!

He loves coming back to the East Coast. It helps him catch a different perspective, feel the space. Moreover, there are still some friends he loves meeting, talking to and capturing those moments.

Julia is a friend but first of all a beautiful woman and talented artist (to read more about Julia, click here)

She joined us during one of sunny but chilly spring afternoons in Connecticut, to wander along the coast and reveal her ethereal beauty to Andreas’ camera. 

It was a pure pleasure to watch Andreas and Julia in a peaceful relation of a photographer and his model, both calm, relaxed but focused.


Common understanding and trust created the amazing results. Julia’s beauty and Andreas’ ability to capture it, brought those natural, catch-a –moment images.


This is what happens when passion connects people...

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