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Polka pisze wiec po polsku tez bedzie…

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

You must get yourself a doughnut!

All those traditions and customs can be really fattening! 

Here it comes again, another Fat Thursday for me. Last week, together with Greeks I was celebrating Tsiknopempti – meaning lots and lots of grilled meat! (and some Greek salad and tsatsiki of course!)

This week is the Polish turn, as we call the last Thursday before the Great Lent – Tlusty Czwartek when we eat doughnuts, lots of doughnuts and faworki!

Polish doughnuts are absolutely delicious and unfortunately you cannot find the same taste on Crete. Although they sell them here, for me they taste a bit like a fast food cake. They only ones that remind me Polish famous “paczki” (doughnuts) are the ones called “benie” (from French “beignet”) , but they still don’t look like these:

Faworki are faworki to me but I found in Wikipedia a very reliable explanation where it says that Polish name “faworki” is for: “Angel wings - a traditional sweet crispy pastry made out of dough that has been shaped into thin twisted ribbons, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.” That’s how they look:

So to remain faithful to our Polish tradition, I’m already prepared for yesterday. Got us 4 paczki  (mostly beignets) and tomorrow we will celebrate.
Our doughnuts for the Polish Fat Thursday from the sweetshop MODERNO (just in case you are wondering where to buy them):

Tradition says that if you don’t eat at least one doughnut tomorrow, there can be some bad luck waiting for you in the future.  Well, I don’t think you really want to risk it??! 

Have some doughnut with us:)

Bonne appetite! Kali orexi!


  1. I need to find some doughnuts :) - Peggy

  2. I will eat a donut...if I eat two will I have more good luck?

  3. Definitely, more donuts, more good luck! That's how simple it is:)

  4. w Grecji prawdziwych pączków nie ma:/
    może to i lepiej, rawani na tym zyskuje:)