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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Custom of “March”

March has arrived! So as the Greeks welcome you at the beginning of each month:

KALO MINA (καλό μήνα/ good month) to everyone! 

March is the month when we slowly say goodbye to winter (at least theoretically – so far no sun rays for us here on Crete) and look forward to arrival of spring. 

Spring means, longer days and more light so…have you already bought yourself a good sun block with some serious SPF?

Well, based on the Greek tradition, it may not be enough! (yes,you are right, all those traditions make it more complicated;)

The old custom of “March” says that on the last day of February, you should make yourself a bracelet called MARTI (Μάρτη - simple handcraft made of two colors of thread: white and red) and wear it from the 1st March till the end of month. Such bracelet is supposed to protect you against the first rays of spring sun! 

Well, I don’t know about that but it sounds like a good idea to enrich my collection of jewellery. I suggest that if you don’t have a thread at home and you are not manually gifted (as me), you should seek some help in a nice jewellery shop or just contact my friend Silvia who knows pretty well how those things work:

Remember, it is all to serve your health better;)

Plus, for your flowers to blossom, you may also think to hang the threads on your rosebush (do it at night) or in order to keep your water nice and cool, place Marti around your jugs!

With all this sun, I think that Greeks know it better this time!

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