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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Greek sausages

If you want to order them in a tavern or buy from a butcher, remember: sausage in Greek is called “loukaniko” (λουκάνικο). Many sausages – “loukanika” (λουκάνικα).
Quick and cheap food. They are small and soft, not like the traditional Polish or German sausages. You can get pork, beef or chicken stuffing. They are not the easiest ones to digest: usually seasoned with a good portion of garlic and other herbs, but they taste damn good.
You just cut them horizontally and fry on well-heated olive oil. Use a good cover on the frying pan since they like to explode. As soon as they get this brownish color, they are ready for the consumption. The whole frying shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes – depending on how many sausages you want to serve.
Here they are, our today’s dinner combined with boiled package of tortellini stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with some oregano.

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